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The Realms of Koinonia movement aims to inspire men to become fervent followers of God. Our channel focuses on creating original gospel-inspired content, specifically the messages and teachings of the renowned minister of God, Apostle Joshua Selman, from Nigeria.

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Our approach to creating content is focused on originality, professionalism, and effective communication. We use unique editing techniques to bring the message to life and add creative effects to highlight important aspects. We are considering adding subtitles to make our content more accessible to a diverse audience.

The purpose of the videos on this channel is to provide information, spiritual guidance, and education. The teachings and views expressed are those of Apostle Joshua Selman and do not reflect the official stance of the channel. The channel is solely dedicated to the teachings of Apostle Joshua Selman and the channel owner does not claim ownership of any speeches or teachings of Apostle Joshua Selman that may be featured in the content.

The footage used in this video is free footage from a subscribed canva website, and we, therefore, hold the copyright to the footage used in this content.

The content’s massage:
Discover the Joy and Peace of Walking with God in 2023″ is a teaching by Apostle Joshua Selman titled “The Mystery of Enoch Walking with God”. In his teaching, he dilves into the life and teachings of the biblical figure Enoch. The series explores the deeper spiritual and mystical aspects of Enoch’s story, including his close relationship with God, his role as a prophet, and his unique spiritual experiences. Through his teachings, Apostle Selman aims to help listeners uncover the hidden wisdom and insights found in the biblical account of Enoch and how it relates to our own spiritual journey. He also provides insight on how to walk in the spirit and fellowship with the holy spirit. The series is intended to inspire and encourage believers to deepen their own connection with God and to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

The Mystery of Evil Alters is a series of teachings by Apostle Joshua Selman of the Eternity Network International (ENI) that focuses on understanding and accessing the different levels of the human spirit. The series aims to teach individuals how to tap into their full potential and live a victorious life through a deeper understanding of their spiritual nature, and it emphasizes the principles of the altar, which is considered the seat of authority in the human spirit. The goal is to help individuals engage and access the altar for personal growth and spiritual development.


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