Sounds Of Revival || Apostle Michael Orokpo. #apostlemichealorokpo #soundsofrevival

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#Sounds #Revival #Apostle #Michael #Orokpo #apostlemichealorokpo #soundsofrevival

Kingdom Mandate Tv, is a channel devoted and committed to bringing God’s Words to your doorstep through our social media platforms.

We live in a time where the pure and undiluted word of God is scarce, as was in the days of Samuel,. this, amongst other factors, is responsible for the moral decadence in our homes, society, nation and the world at large. It is in bridging this gap that we are determined to make messages by seasoned and anointed men of God available on this channel.

Man’s problems began when he violated God’s ordinance and the solution remains in going back to keeping the laws of God.



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