PROPHET AYO JEJE PROPHESY TO APOSTLE OROKPO MICHAEL TO STAY #apostlemichaelorokpo #kingdomambassador

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#PROPHET #AYO #JEJE #PROPHESY #APOSTLE #OROKPO #MICHAEL #STAY #apostlemichaelorokpo #kingdomambassador

PROPHET AYO JEJE PROPHESY TO APOSTLE OROKPO MICHAEL TO STAY #apostlemichaelorokpo #kingdomambassador

In this video Prophet Ayo Jeje Prophesied to Apostle Michael Orokpo to stay where God Puts Him. Your Strength is in Your waiting.

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We are here to transmit kingdom news thereby reconciling the world to Christ with the aid of the media 2corin.5:20.
Stay tuned for more Edifying and Spiritual Charges.

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