Part 1 | Raw Kingdom Message | Apostle Arome Osayi 2020

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Remnant Christian Network
➤Video original and produced exclusively by SPIRIT NERDS TV
➤Footage Licensed through Storyblocks
➤Speaker: Apostle Arome Osayi
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We have intense obsession and undying interest in the matters of God, His Kingdom, Personality, His Body, His Will, Purposes, Agenda, mandate and all that is linked up to the Divine Creator who uphold all things by The Power of His Word.

We’re obsessed men and women here who long to see the will and Kingdom of God established in our lives, families, territories and on earth. Truly inclined until we see the fullness of His Kingdom on Earth…. Nerds are relentless, they don’t quit, they hold unto the promises of the Master until it’s fulfilment.

We are ‘dying’ men and women looking forward and advancing the Master’s business in whatsoever sphere of influence you find yourself, where ever you are, at home, school, work, wherever we go, we are Kingdom minded.

With strive at a level of excellence, we create videos that will change your life forever using the materials of some of your favourite ministers by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
God bless you as you follow through



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