15 Scariest Storm And Flood Moments Caught On Camera – Natural Disasters

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15 Scariest Storm And Flood Moments Caught On Camera – Natural Disasters
Even the most nice place can become hell when storm season arrives in the natural disasters.
Mother nature is so angry with us that she wants to destroy everything in her path. Today’s video will make you think twice before going out in the rain again in the natural disasters.
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The hair-raising video is a little over a minute long of the heroic rescue of a woman, whose car was swept away by floodwaters in Texas, US, has gone viral on the internet in the natural disasters.
The woman got stuck in the stream after a heavy torrent of rain hit the Fort Worth area on May 24. She tried to drive through the aggressive stream in her car but it got swept away in the natural disasters.
The stream is so aggressive that they barely manage to keep their balance and struggle to remain afloat. They gradually managed to get out of the stream safely in the natural disasters.
Soon the rescue official manages to reach her with a rope. The woman is then given a life jacket. And the official ties the woman to himself and prepares to swim back to the bank in the natural disasters.

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